From cold noses to waggin tails, we love everything dog.


In 2012 Jamie Johnson hit the road in her brand new van/business, she named the company Groomer Has It, not after the awesome Adele song as some would believe but as a clever play on the words of the songs namesake phrase. Rumor has it, that Jamie gal can seriously groom some dogs! It didn't take long for Jamie's reputation to outgrow that zippy little van and so she expanded and opened up her nifty salon in North Naples. Now she has over 1600sq feet of dog friendly space to groom the day away. Most of that space is an open play area for her furry clients to enjoy, complete with sectional sofa and plenty of dog friendly toys. Now, with over 23 years experience in the animal industry (the past eleven of those strictly grooming) this girl has done it all. She started out milking dairy cows in snowy upstate New York, moved on to  working horses in wide open Ft. Worth TX and ended up as a business owner in sunny Naples Florida, who'd a thunk it? Today, she and her little dog Madeline run the salon with a smile and a wag and they're waiting for you to make an appointment!