What your patience and your pennies will get you.


Full grooming appointments are all inclusive. No hidden anything, no extras, no kidding.

Each grooming service comes with the following:

Ear cleaning including plucking if applicable 

Toe nails trimmed and filed for smoothness

Deep coat brushing

Warm water bath

Gland expression

Coat conditioning treatment

Teeth brushing with enzyme paste

Hand fluff dry (no cage drying here!)

Professional full body haircut of your choice

Optional but not extra:

                                    Bow or bandana

                                         Cologne or Perfume


We also offer Feet, Face and Rear grooming services, which includes all of the above EXCEPT the full body haircut. Instead, you get trimming of, you guessed it, the feet, face and rear (sanitary areas).


"....jing a ling a ling"

Small dog starting @

-full groom $60

-ffr $35


Medium dog starting @

-full groom $75

-ffr $45


Large dog starting @

-Full groom $85

-ffr $60


All kinds of factors go into determining your dogs grooming fee, the first and foremost being time spent. If you request a difficult and/or detailed haircut on a ginormous dog expect to be charged accordingly.


A word on dematting. 

We don't do it. It's cruel and painful and unnecessary. If your dog has matting over more than 25% of it's body you can choose to have it cut very short i.e shaved, you can have the matting left on the dog and remove them yourself at home or you can find a different groomer who is into torture. We always trim out mats in sensitive areas like armpits and behind the ears. If we agree to brush out matting covering less than 25% of your dogs body, you are gonna pay for it. It's not included and it takes time.